• Toothprints

    Toothprints provides a bite impression technique performed by dentists for use in identification of missing children.

  • Chava Naturals

    Chava Naturals makes organic herbal supplements for horses.

  • Oracle

    I designed this online interactive heat map for Oracle.

  • Microsoft WE

    The Microsoft WE group comes to me for various designs for events they put on.

  • Microsoft | Capgemini ebook

    Multi-page online ebook design partnering Microsoft 365 and Capgemini.

  • Vos Decoro

    Latin to beautify, embellish, adorn. This hair stylist in Seattle wanted a logo to reflect the freestyle nature of her salon.

  • Dogwood Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center

    Dogwood is comprised of specialty veterinarians who combine their expertise on customized treatment plans for pets with illnesses or injuries.  

  • BlueKai

    BlueKai became Oracle Data Cloud. Worked with both companies on many marketing pieces.

  • Moogsoft Sales Hiring infographic

    Infographic to show the highlights of working for Moogsoft.

  • Plaza Bank

    Headquartered in downtown Seattle, Plaza Bank is uniquely positioned to serve the growing Latino business community.

  • PushSpring

    PushSpring is the leading independent provider of device-level targeting data and insights. I've helped them with their website design, infographics, invitations, and many other marketing pieces.

  • Hope Advanced Veterinary Center

    This specialty veterinary clinic on the east coast had be design several invitations as well as a magnet design. The magnet was customized for the different veterinary clinics to promote Hope's emergency services.

  • BULA Spirit

    I work with a lovely lady helping her create fun and Fijian casual sports gear.

  • Microsoft | Finastra ebook

    Multi-page online ebook design partnering Microsoft Azure and Finastra.

  • Pacific Data Partners

    Pacific Data Partners needed a quick, simple website design and logo.

  • Honda and Toyota of Seattle

    Honda of Seattle automobile dealership in the SODO district.

  • VCA Fall Carnival Poster

    Often clients come to me for one-off pieces where I have complete design freedom. This time it was a Fall Carnival poster for VCA.

  • Ivanti

    Infographic for Ivanti.

  • MotoSoul

    MotoSoul is a motorcycle destination resort, restaurant and home for all things motorbike in Germany. I designed several posters and event postcards in both English and German for the client.  

  • Ivanti Speakeasy infographic

    Infographic for Ivanti Supply Chain showing the benefits of using Speakeasy vs. Traditional Voice.

  • Logos for the Eurest Dining Services food courts

    I created several logos for the Eurest food service areas in Boeing, Microsoft, etc. These included the logos, menu boards, posters and more.

  • Oracle infographic

    What do leisure travel shoppers do, say and buy? This infographic by Oracle highlights the stats.

  • Eye of the Needle

    Eye of the Needle winery needed a new wine label for their 2016 and 2018 Moments Rosé. The design represents facets in time - like "Moments" in time.

  • Microsoft Teams infographic

    Infographic showing why Microsoft Teams is the solution for workplaces going remote.

  • CVCA infographic

    One of the first infographics I designed when the Pandemic hit. Step-by-step process to show how to drop off your pet during the COVID crisis.

  • Top It Yogurt

    Need your yogurt fix? Head out to Snohomish, WA and visit this privately owned yogurt shop on main street. Big hit for all ages!

  • Real Estate infographic

    An infographic to show Seattle real estate trends.

  • Moogsoft website images

    Created several infographic images to be used on the Moogsoft website.

  • Salutaris

    Salutaris Veterinary Specialists is a team of Board-Certified veterinary specialists providing small animal surgical and internal medicine services in Virginia. Designed their brand, logo and website.

  • CVCA LinkedIn ads

    Online ads on LinkedIn for CVCA featuring the Board-Certified doctors in the CVCA Texas locations.

  • Love Leads website

    Website design for Love Leads, a non-profit organization that donates dog leads to organizations around the country.

  • PushSpring Pyeong Olympics Infographic

    Infographic for PushSpring to showcase the audiences of the Pyeong Olympic games.

  • Environomics

    Quick update to client designed logo for Environomics.co. Gave it a sleeker, more modern look.

  • Oracle infographic

    Infographic for Oracle to show what the New Year's resolution trends were with shoppers.

  • FS Financial Services

    FS Financial Services offers financial advice. The design is based on the warm, welcoming interior design of their office.

  • Moogsoft infographic

    Infographic to show the 5 step process of IT working successfully in the "new normal".

  • Change Create Transform

    Change Create Tranform is the premiere platform for access to the world's thought leaders for innovation, problem-solving and idea generation.

  • MOD Furniture

    Modular furniture supply company logo.

  • LMU

    Hired by Loyola Mount University to create a series of billboard ad designs that went up all around town.

  • CS Consulting

    Well known in her field, I helped create this logo for Christine Stafford when she opened her consulting business.

  • Post Media Team

    While working on my laptop at a coffee shop, 2 men approached me who work for the local radio stations KRKO & KXA. After talking with them about what I do, I now have a new client!

  • Ivanti email

    Email invitation by Ivanti to come watch the game!

  • VCA

    It's always fun working with animals and marketing people with a sense of humor!

  • Parkinson’s Project Donor Packet

    The client needed a design for the Parkinson's Project Donor Packet.

  • DeLeon Paining Services

    Website design for painting company. The original design was later converted to WordPress for easy edits for the client.

  • Homeward Pet Adoption Center

    Homeward Pet is a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter giving homeless animals a second chance through rescue, shelter, and adoption.

  • tata baby

    Custom designed onesies for infants, tata baby needed a new logo design.

  • BVNS

    I provide day to day graphic design services to BVNS - the largest Veterinary Neurology clinic in the United States.

  • Sniffers Doggie Retreat

    Website design for east coast doggie daycare and training center.

  • SilkWords

    SilkWords is a combination of online romance novel and Choose Your Own Adventure series.

  • HRT

    I approached the Helicopter Rescue Team (HRT) to help with a fundraising event they wanted to host to raise money after losing federal funding.