About Liz

About Liz

My name is Elisabeth Rumpelsberger (call me Liz). I was born and raised in the sweltering heat of the summer and freezing cold winters one knows of in Wisconsin. After high school, I moved west to attend college at the University of Minnesota. After completing my degree, I bought an older VW Westfalia with a friend and traveled further west across Canada with a goal to hit Alaska. We were almost there when we blew a cylinder. We could still drive our old bus, but very slowly. Our option was either head south to Washington state or north to the inside passage of Alaska. Since Alaska was our goal, north we went! We spent one fun summer in Skagway, Alaska while our bus was getting fixed.

After that summer adventure, I moved to Washington state and began my design career as a vendor for Microsoft. After a few years working as a designer in the hardware group, I left my position and got a full-time job with a small software company called Pacific Edge Software in their marketing department. As marketing people moved on, I was asked by a few to do some freelance design work. That's when I started developing my network and eventually left that position to start freelancing.

My client list grew quickly thanks to some great friends in marketing (who I still work with today ❤️!). In 2001, I officially became Green Cat Dzine. My office was the various coffee shops around Seattle - the better the coffee, the more often I'd visit. Today I have clients worldwide and enjoy helping them improve their businesses through distinctive and meaningful design.

I thrive when I'm busiest! I have a long list of clients and usually work with at least 10 of them each month on all their daily design needs. I fashion myself as their in-house designer who is not in-house (but they'll probably tell you it feels like I am there with how quickly I usually respond!). On a typical day, I could be working on a website redesign for one client, updating a data sheet for another client, and sizing some logo files for another. The key is managing my time, and over the years, I believe I've mastered that.

We recently moved to McCall, ID and are excited to refinish the house my husband and I moved into. Equally excited to try the new coffee shops!

Graduation > VW Adventure > Me Today!

Got a project? Contact me today. I'd love to talk to you about it!