Welcome to Green Cat Dzine. Where good design meets good coffee almost every morning at a local coffee shop – in whatever city I happen to be in. Please check out my 8 favorite designs below. You can view all my best work by clicking my portfolio link above.

green design

Rethinking your approach
Environmentally responsible design is an emerging discipline that encompasses rethinking how one approaches the design of physical goods and thoroughly researching materials, processes, and emerging technologies in order to understand their environmental footprint. This accumulated knowledge and experience guides my decisions, resulting in a smaller environmental footprint without necessitating concessions in cost or quality. I aim to provide all my clients with green options.

featured services

Full-service graphic design firm
Green Cat Dzine is a full-service graphic design firm helping companies with their daily design needs. I brand myself as the in-house designer who is not in-house. I help companies big and small with big projects or simply day to day needs. I specialize in the following disciplines:

  • Strategic branding
  • Brand identity
  • Logo designs
  • Brochures and collateral...

design awards

Green Cat Dzine being recognized

36TH ANNUAL CREATIVITY AWARDS - Certificate of Honor
LOGOS 2 - Featuring 4 Logo Design Wins

client list

From yoga studio to corporate giants...
Through the years I've worked on everything from logo designs to billboard designs to tchotchke giveaways. I've worked with both small and large businesses alike.

Etsy shop

Check out my Etsy shop for easy downloadable designs
Over the years I've designed thousands of items, but a few are easy designs that I made into generic downloadable PDF files. The shop is still growing, but you'll find everything from event pieces to forms for your business.

Liz is one of the most talented designers I've worked with (and I used to work with the design team at Conde Nast!). She intuitively gets a feel for the level of execution and design required to bring a project to life, is always timely, and adds a ton of value to the overall concept. More than once her spin on a design has catapulted a creative into a full-blown campaign for our company. I just let her run free, and sit back and watch the magic!

Sherene H., https://cloud.oracle.com/data-cloud